E-51(A-198) epoxy resin

I. Introduction:
E-51 epoxy resin of high value, low viscosity, light color, widely used as adhesives, solvent-free coatings, self-leveling floor materials, castables.
Appearance   no visible mechanical impurity
 Epoxide Value (eq/100g)      0.48—0.54
 Unhydrolytic Chlorine (eq/100g)    ≤1×10-3
 Hydrolytic Chlorine (eq/100g)     ≤2×10-2
 Volatile (%)  ≤2
Colour     ≤2
 Viscosity 40℃(mPa.S)   ≤1600
Second, storage, transportation and Cautions:
Such products of non-dangerous goods, as a general storage and transportation of chemicals, product packaging, see barrels of storage period.
Third, packaging specifications:
20KG / drum or drum 220KG.

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