Sales: high transparent epoxy adhesive 1035A / B (for the backlight source \ LED lights article)

I. Introduction:

  1035A/1035B  Department of transparent epoxy potting compound, a mixture of low viscosity, can be used a long time and after the curing of transparency and good electrical characteristics can be added a variety of colors.

Second, conventional performance:

Test items

Testing methods or conditions




Visual inspection

 Colorless transparent liquid

Colorless transparent liquid


25 g/cm 3

1.1~1.2 1.1 ~ 1.2



40 mpa · s



Retention period

Room ventilation



Be hard-light LED lights article


Unit or the conditions of


 Mixing ratio

Weight ratio


Pot life

25 ℃, hrs 25 ℃, hrs


Curing conditions

/ hrs / hrs

25/24 or 60 / 3 or 80 / 1 ~ 1.5

1. 1.     Tools: electronic scales, measuring cup (for example: plastic cups, paper cup), glass (or mixing machine);

2. 2.     Weighing: Open electronic scales, measuring cup under the above will remove the tare weight, the 1035A by adding 100 grams of plastic (preferably pre-warm-up to 80 degrees 1035A help defoaming), and then adding 35 grams of plastic 1035B .  (Note: 1. Must be a weight ratio, and some electronic scales the customer does not, he would use the graduated cylinder the volume of check it is not desirable, because AB is not the same as the proportion of plastic, it is difficult to achieve the proportion of fit, with good reason glue can not be hardened. 2. Do not add more or less B glue plastic to control the speed of hardening, or sclerosis may lead to.)

3. 3.      Mixing: Mixed AB will weigh a good glue, the use of the full mixing glass (vertical and horizontal rotation) about 3 minutes (Note: If the non-uniform mixing, may lead to local non-hardening phenomenon.)

4. 4.     Packaging: The glue mixed by stirring into a good pre-prepared products (preferably within half an hour fully utilized to prevent the glue in a large number of chemical reactions produce heat, resulting in a rapid increase in viscosity glue, short rapid hardening time).

5. 5.     Curing: 25 / 24 hours or 60/ 3 hours or 80 / 1 ~ 1.5 hours

6. 6.     Cleaning: You can use acetone or alcohol.

Fourth, use:

     For backlight, metal badges, signs, air taxi license plate, LED dot matrix and other components of the need for transparent packaging.

 Fifth, after the curing characteristics:


Unit or the conditions of





Volume resistivity

25 ℃,Ω· cm

1.5 × 10 15

Surface Resistivity

25 ℃,Ω

1.2 × 10 14

Dielectric Strength

25 ℃, kV/mm



25 ℃, 1MHZ

4.2 ± 0.1

Dielectric Loss Tangent

25 ℃, 1MHZ


Compressive strength

kgf/mm 2


Flexural strength

kgf/mm 2


Impact strength

kgf/mm 2





6, storage, transportation and Cautions:

1.    Such products of non-dangerous goods, as a general storage and transportation of chemicals, product packaging, see barrels of storage period.

2.    Please see the product model, and then pigeon-holing; accurate weighing, please give full uniform mixing; weighing more than 200 grams, the use of period to be shortened.

3. Customers can add their own according to actual needs and fill color paste.


Seven, packaging specifications:

    Packaging for the 1035A: 5KG ± 50g plastic barrels; 1035B: 5KGG ± 50g plastic barrels or other containers.

 * Note: The above performance data for the product in 70% humidity, the temperature at 25 ℃ typical testing data for customers reference and can not guarantee that in a particular environment can be achieved when all the data. When your customers use to the measured data.