2316B Hardener

-------------- activity flexibilizer flexible epoxy resin, toughening effect better than the D-410

 I. Introduction:
2316B epoxy curing agent is a special Amine (Amine) denaturation of synthetic resin with curing agent, a low viscosity, surface anti-moist, and thin film surface gloss excellent, excellent chemical resistance for solvent-free coatings and irrigation sealed with adhesive. With the epoxy resin is mainly used with solvent-based paint free, transparent jewelry materials, electrical insulation parts potting.

1. Viscosity (BH type CPS/25 ℃) 350-450
2. Colority: (G / H Law) <3
3. Amine value 310 ± 20
4. The proportion of 1.05 ± 0.02/20 ℃
5. Active hydrogen equivalent (AHEW) 100
6. The weight ratio (with E-51) 2:1
7. Packaging Specifications:
180KG / drum or 5KG / barrel (packaging), every 4 barrels / boxes

Note: The above performance data for the product in 70% humidity, the temperature at 25 ℃ typical testing data for customers reference and can not guarantee that in a particular environment can be achieved when all the data. When your customers use to the measured data

5. Use
Mainly used as a flexible epoxy resin flexibilizer, solvent-free coatings, laminates, adhesives such as epoxy system. As a cellulose fiber finishing agent can increase flexibility, fastness, alkali resistance, dyeability, etc., can be used for cotton, hemp, wool silk and other fabric finishing. Can improve the tensile strength fibers.
6. The amount of
General amount of epoxy resin 15 ~ 20% (weight ratio).
7. Packaging and storage
5kg plastic pail or 200Kg iron drum packing. Sealed to preserve.